Psychology and Trading

Trading psychology is a crucial aspect of the foreign exchange (forex) currency market, as it can greatly impact a trader’s ability to make sound decisions and achieve long-term success. One of the biggest challenges in forex trading is managing emotions, particularly fear and greed. Fear of losing money can cause traders to exit positions prematurely, […]

Quote from a Pit Bull – Losing Streak

I have been reading the book Pit Bull – Lesson from Wall Street” Champion Trader, and I wanted to insert an interesting, long quote from the book. The chapter title is Never Short a Republican. I think the quote is appropriate to describe the current political climate here in California where the Democrats have a […]

Chat With Traders Podcast

One of things I like to do on the way home from work, in heavy Southern California traffic, is listen to podcasts in my car. If you haven’t listened to the Chat With Trader podcast, you are missing some good interviews with all sorts of traders. Australian, Aaron Fifield is the host and he ask […]

Here We Go Again, Not Another Broker!

I have been trading since October, 2007, and now I am faced with finding a new broker…again! What is it with forex brokers? I guess they are like traders, they come and go. I started out with GFT, Global Forex Trading. At the time, they were recommended by my forex instructor as a viable broker […]

Trading and Gambling Compared

As a trader, has anyone ever commented to you that it sounds like gambling? I’ve had a few people ask me what the difference is, so let me summarize what I think about it. Let’s start with gambling. When you partake in any of the games of gambling, you are dealing with FIXED odds, and […]

The Randomness of Trading

As traders observing the Forex currency market, we look for patterns to trade that will net us profits. The problem is that market is so random. Yes, there are patterns that occur over and over again, but the market is always changing or going through cycles. I have been rereading Fooled By Randomness by Nassim […]