Trading Is A Marathon Not The 100 Meter Race

The other day at church while reading along in my Bible with the pastor, I was reminded of something related to trading. As a Christian, the passage has to do with the fact that we will never be perfect here on earth, but make an attempt to be, forgetting the past and look forward to what lies ahead. The Christian walk is a race and we press on to receive the prize. Philippians 3:12-14. It is a lifetime endeavor that Paul was talking about, a marathon race not sprint.

I was reminded how as a currency trader, my trading will never be perfect. I need to forget the past trades, profitable or non-profitable, and press on to continue to be the best trader possible. I also was reminded that trading is a lifetime endeavor, or until you retire, and that I need to continue to run and finish strong.

Trading is not a sprint where you risk it all and become rich overnight. It is winning and small losing trades where you build up your equity, one day at a time.