Meetings Then Some Trades

I had meetings this morning then I took some trades. I felt really good about the trades until one of them kept going in my direction after I bailed. I even considered re-entering the trade close to my previous entry after closing and locking in 11 pips. Over-all, I made 14 pips so I am […]

Trading Part Time Can Lead To Failure

I am convinced, based on my method of trading, that to be successful I need to trade full-time. The other day I started out with a losing trade but ended the day with some positive trades.Today, after a week and a half of trading well, (some wins and losses) I had a losing day. The […]

Hang In There…Don’t Give Up

I’ve read and heard many traders describe their path to success. I download and listen to the Money Show’s Trader Talk Podcast with traders interviewed by Tim Bourquin. He interviews different traders about their experiences, and I glean something from each one, even if the person is not a Forex trader. With each trader who […]