Using Ninja Trader To Verify An FXCM Losing Trade

The other day I took an afternoon trade (Asian market) that quickly hit my stop, then reversed in the direction I thought the market was going. I was so angry because it seemed that my dealer, FXCM, had purposely stop hunted my trade.

I never should have been in the trade because of the announcement that was released during the trade. I forgot to check the afternoon announcements.

Although I shouldn’t have been in the trade (because of the announcement), I couldn’t believe the price hit my stop without going farther, then went in the direction I picked based on my trading style.

So I decided to replay the trade using NinjaTrader. (See my article on practicing with NinjaTrader.) I’m glad I did, because it gave me more confidence in my broker, FXCM. When replaying the trade, NinjaTrader’s data feed did exactly what my trade did with FXCM. Price hit my stop level, triggered my stop, then went the direction I thought the market would go.

I’m not happy I lost pips and profit, but I am more confident in talking trades with FXCM.

aud-jpy trade 04-10-2013_3